How Awesome Are You?

At least once a week, I want to try to post something that will make people feel less shitty.

Sometimes when friends get to feeling downright shitty, I try to post something supportive and it comes out like “huh huh I’d touch your butt”.

Sometimes, though, I am drugged to the gills and very tired and subsisting on porn and Kool-Aid fumes, and I get downright lyrical and say things I truly mean, but forget to apply to myself.  This, preserved for posterity, is one of those comments.

Ezio Auditore: BAMF
Ezio Auditore: Basically, you are this awesome.
Original AC: Brotherhood Ezio concept art, from the Assassin’s Creed Wiki.

You are necessary.

You are miraculous.

You are wolf’s breath and smoke that was books from the Library of Alexandria and air that has vibrated with dinosaur birthing cries and held aloft steppe eagles as they hunted hare and fox, you are starstuff and skin that has felt firelight and you have drunk water that washed over the backs of elephants, you are the rain borne on the wind from farthest shores, and flavorless fragments of a hungry ratsnake’s skin cast off in the grass of some distant field where cattle graze. All of that, little pieces of the world finding their way into you. Extraordinary things.

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