We got rules ’round these here parts.


I am the copyright-holder for all of my own writing.  Guest posters retain their own rights.  Feel free to quote anything posted here on your blog or on social media, but give links back and proper attribution always.  Don’t copy and repost entire posts.

Press: contact me at naamah@gmail.com if you want to reprint something.

By emailing me or commenting, you are granting me the right to use those comments in any way I see fit, for any purpose.  I have to be able to do this for purposes of illustration, to further discussion, and to present helpful examples.  If this bothers you, use a pseudonym and remove identifying details.  Otherwise-copyrighted material such as quotes from other bloggers’ posts, books, poetry, etc. may be reproduced as part of quoting comments or email I receive, but I do not own the copyrights to that material.


I swear a lot and that is not going to change.  Since I am a giant kinky pervert and I write porn, you can expect discussion of adult concepts and some adult content.  Anything visual will be put under a cut.

I will try to post trigger warnings for potentially upsetting content. Still, all readers are advised to proceed with caution.  I make no promises for the comments.  Commenters, trigger warning your own comments is a really polite thing to do, but it is not required.  Readers, use your best discretion when venturing into comments on posts likely to accumulate triggering responses.

This is not guaranteed to be a 101-level space.  Educating people comes second to making this a safe space for people already having to exist in a world that doesn’t understand them and demands that they explain or justify themselves at every turn.  I don’t need to perpetuate that frustration here.  Though I hope education does happen, nobody here is obligated to educate anyone else about the mechanics of oppression.

I am still growing and learning.  If I say something offensive, I’d be grateful if you’d call me on it so I can do better.


I am the final authority here.  I want to maintain a relatively non-rage-inducing atmosphere, where readers do not have to fear being attacked, and do not have to expend unnecessary energy to explain or justify themselves.

If it bothers me or seems likely to incite trouble, I will delete it.

Disagreeing is okay.  Discussion is okay.  Debating is sometimes okay.  Debating certain things (see below) is not okay, period.

Bullshit I won’t tolerate: sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, classism, and concern trolling.  Also personal attacks, repetitive disruption, and harassment.  Derailing is tolerated at my discretion.  It might be helpful to read A Few Things To Stop Doing When You Find A Feminist Blog by Harriet at Fugitivus before commenting.

Trolls will be banned.  I decide what constitutes trolling.

I am fickle and arbitrary, and may delete something for reasons knowable only to myself.


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